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Upcoming changes to outbound access for Azure VMs – Exploring the Terraform Options

As you may be aware, default outbound access for Azure VMs will change on 30th September 2025 – and the recommendation is to transition to an explicit outbound method. It’s worth noting that existing VMs will continue to work – however, there is still a recommendation to transition: You can read more about this announcement here: Default outbound access […]

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Deploying Azure Virtual WAN using Terraform

Overview Recently I have been working with Azure Virtual WAN to provide connectivity between Azure Regions, Branch Offices, and Remote Users. Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that brings many of the commonly found connectivity services into a single area, providing simplified connectivity and management. These services include: Branch connectivity. Site-to-site VPN connectivity. Remote user VPN connectivity (point-to-site). Private […]

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Deploying and Configuring Azure Firewall using Terraform

Recently I’ve been working with Azure Firewall and deploying it into various environments to provide security and traffic control. I’ve been doing the majority of the deployment of Azure Firewall using Terraform, so wanted to outline a few tips, tricks, and provide some specific code examples to help anyone else looking to deploy this using Terraform. For this post, I […]

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Testing out the Azure Firewall Preview

Azure Firewall was released for preview this week, so I thought I would give it a quick try and look at some of the features available. The firewall provides the following features at the current time: Built-in high availability – built into the Azure Platform, so no requirement to create load balanced configurations Unrestricted cloud scalability – the firewall can […]

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