Cloud Chat Monthly

Cloud Chat Monthly, is a monthly learning session hosted by Jake Walsh and Jon Jarvis. The idea is simple – come along and learn something new! ✅

Cloud Chat Monthly is a 90 minute virtual session, whereby we encourage people to join, connect with others, and learn something new. Our aims are as follows:
  • Create a regular session where people can enjoy meeting likeminded individuals – those keen to learn and network in the technical community.
  • Discuss and enjoy sessions on all things related to the Microsoft Cloud!
  • Enjoy the sessions whilst various presenters discuss technologies, tools, ways of working, and more.
  • Engage in technical discussions and learning – discussion topics are welcome from everyone, covering any topical related to Microsoft Cloud Technologies.
  • Promote other community events, sessions, and content.
  • Be free for anyone to attend.
  • Have fun & keep learning!

Previous Sessions:

    • Friday 1st December 2023  – 2 Sessions:
    • Friday 3rd November 2023 [Click here for Recording] – Azure Virtual WAN, the future for your WAN, & Central Network Management in Azure – Hannes Lagler-Grüner
    • Friday 29th September 2023 [Click here for Recording] – “Migrate with Azure Site Recovery” – Thomas Bründl
    • September 2023 – [Click here for Recording] – Why shared channels can be extremely helpful – Christian Decker
    • July 2023  – [Click here for Recording] – “ChatGPT and not only: how to use the power of GPT-X models at scale – Maxim Salnikov”
    • June 2023 – [Click here for Recording] – “Azure Bastion: One does (still) not simply walk into my VNet! v2.0
      – Wim Matthyssen and Micha Wets”
    • May 2023 –  [Unrecorded] – “Battle for the Hybrid Cloud: The Spring Edition – Wim Matthyssen and Micha Wets”
    • April 2023  – [Unrecorded] – “How to Prepare for Microsoft Certifications – Keith Atherton”
    • March 2023 – [Unrecorded] – “Unleashing the Power of Code-Driven Virtual Desktop Deployments – Jake Walsh and Jon Jarvis”
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