Festive Tech Calendar 2023 – An Introduction to Azure Terraform

This month I have been participating the Festive Tech Calendar Event – a great community event filled with loads of awesome sessions!

You can find out more about the event and all of the sessions here: https://festivetechcalendar.com/

My Session – An Introduction to Azure Terraform!

My session is a video that provides an introduction to Azure Terraform – you can watch the video below:

Additional Resources to get Started

I’ve brought together a range of additional posts and resources to help continue your Azure Terraform Journey! If you have any questions, please do feel free to reach out!

Azure Terraform Walkthrough – 3 Part Series:

This series runs through the entire process of using Terraform with Azure – including installation, setup, and running your first deployment

Azure Terraform Sample Repository

This repo contains sample material and environments for deployment – lots of different labs, examples, demo environments etc. I’ve also included guidance for deployment using GitHub Actions, Terraform Cloud, and included documentation and scripts to help you get started with things like Service Principals for example.

Deployment Using Terraform Cloud

In my video I also talked about how you can deploy Azure environments using Terraform Cloud, and this is also a subject I’ve written about. In my two-part series below, I cover the prerequisites and also provide a sample lab environment that you can deploy to Azure using Terraform Cloud:

I hope this video and post has been helpful – see you in 2024!

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