Azure Back to School 2023 – My Sessions Recap and Resources

Last month I had the pleasure of taking part in Azure Back to School 2023 – a community event that takes place in September and hosts a range of contributors and content to share knowledge with the community! You can read more about Azure Back to School here –

✅ There’s a huge list of awesome sessions and speakers – check them all out here:

Azure Back to School 2023 Logo
Azure Back to School 2023

A huge thanks to Dwayne and everyone else involved in running this event!

In this quick post, I want to share links to my sessions as well as resources to help with further reading and learning! I took part in two sessions which can be viewed below:

Jake Walsh & Jon Jarvis – Unleashing the Power of Code-Driven Virtual Desktop Deployments


In this session Jon and I ran through an overview of using code-based technologies to deploy infrastructure and images – showing how Terraform and Packer can be used to achieve more rapid and consistent deployments for both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. We also shared several links to resources and further reading, which can be found below:

Products / Tooling:

Sample Code:


Nicholas Chang & Jake Walsh – GitHub Advanced Security and Managed Identities – The Key to a Secure Azure DevOps Workflow


In this session Nicholas and I ran through an overview of GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps, and Managed Identities, and how these technologies can be combined to provide a highly secure DevOps experience. Whilst our session was primarily an overview, the links below should help with learning more and get started with these technologies:

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