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Continuing the Azure AI Infrastructure as Code Learning Journey

Overview With the rapid development of AI Services in recent times, it’s clear that adoption and growth of these services is only going to continue – and see wider adoption across a range of organisations. Continuing the Azure AI Infrastructure as Code Learning Journey, is therefore likely to be a key activity for many within 2024 and beyond. With Azure […]

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Azure Spring Clean 2024 – Azure Automation, a quick win!

Azure Spring Clean 2024 - Using Azure Automation to save money - a quick win!

In this year’s Azure Spring Clean my session is called “Using Azure Automation to save money – a quick win!“, and covers the following topics: What is Azure Automation? How does Azure Automation help save cost? Why use Terraform and Azure Automation? Demo Environment Learning more about Azure Terraform Resources / Links / Code I’ve chosen this topic as it’s […]

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Deploying, securing, and monitoring Azure OpenAI with Terraform

In this post I wanted to summarise some of my recent activities deploying, securing, and monitoring Azure OpenAI with Terraform. This is an area I am regularly discussing with Clients – talking about possibilities, delivering demos, and looking at different options to integrate the range of Azure AI and Azure OpenAI Services into business applications and processes. I’ve created my […]

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Festive Tech Calendar 2023 – An Introduction to Azure Terraform

This month I have been participating the Festive Tech Calendar Event – a great community event filled with loads of awesome sessions! You can find out more about the event and all of the sessions here: https://festivetechcalendar.com/ My Session – An Introduction to Azure Terraform! My session is a video that provides an introduction to Azure Terraform – you can […]

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Upcoming changes to outbound access for Azure VMs – Exploring the Terraform Options

As you may be aware, default outbound access for Azure VMs will change on 30th September 2025 – and the recommendation is to transition to an explicit outbound method. It’s worth noting that existing VMs will continue to work – however, there is still a recommendation to transition: You can read more about this announcement here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/default-outbound-access-for-vms-in-azure-will-be-retired-transition-to-a-new-method-of-internet-access/ Default outbound access […]

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Testing out my Azure Demo Lab with Terraform Cloud

Demo Environment Overview Diagram

Recently I have been working with Terraform Cloud to deploy Azure Environments, and in my previous post I wrote about an overview of Terraform Cloud, Prerequisites for Azure Deployment, and shared some tips and links to get started. You can read this post here. ✅ In this post I wanted to expand further by running through my own Demo/Lab Environment […]

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Azure Deployment using Terraform Cloud – Overview, Prerequisites, Sample Code, and Resources

I’ve been using Terraform Cloud to create Azure Environments for some time, and in this post, I wanted to share an overview of Terraform Cloud, the prerequisites for deploying Azure environments using it, and provide additional resources to help get started. Note – this article is not exhaustive, and there are other ways of getting started and different potential setups […]

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Azure Cross-Region (Global) Load Balancer – Demo Environment

As you may have seen, the Cross-Region (Global) Azure Load Balancer has recently become Generally Available (10th July 2023) – https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/updates/azure-s-crossregion-load-balancer-is-now-generally-available/. I decided therefore to create a test and demo environment for it – whereby a quick example can be deployed to get started. ✅ For a detailed overview of Cross-Region Load Balancer, please see here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/load-balancer/cross-region-overview  Overview The Cross-Region […]

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EUC Forum July 2023 Meeting – Resources and Slides

This week I had the pleasure of presenting at the EUC Forum Meeting, which was hosted in Manchester. Alongside my friend and fellow MVP Jon Jarvis, we presented the session “Unleashing the Power of Code-Driven Virtual Desktop Deployments for AVD & Windows 365“.  Click here to find out more about the awesome EUC Forum! This session focused on the tooling required […]

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Testing Terraform Import in v.1.5.0+ with Azure Resources

HashiDays London Banner

Yesterday I attended HashiDays London, which was an awesome day of sessions covering numerous HashiCorp Products. In particular, the Terraform, Boundary, Vault and Consul updates and sessions were really interesting, and I left with a huge list of things that I’ll be testing out in my lab in the coming weeks! You can catch up on sessions on-demand if you […]

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Cloud Chat Monthly – March 2023 Writeup

On Friday last week Jon Jarvis and myself hosted our first Cloud Chat Monthly Session. As this was our first session, we started off with an introduction to Cloud Chat Monthly, talked about our goals and objectives, and then went into our first technical session – “Unleashing the Power of Code-Driven Virtual Desktop Deployments: AVD & Windows 365“. Upcoming April […]

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How I deploy my Azure Lab Environments

A recent topic of conversation with colleagues, friends in the technical community, and customers I work with, has been how I manage and deploy lab environments. I have to regularly deploy lab environments both for my own use (learning, training, etc.), and for customer demos – and often need to spin up/down these environments with little notice, relying on as […]

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