UK Windows Virtual Desktop User Group – Azure NetApp Files Cross Region Replication

This week I presented at the UK Windows Virtual Desktop User Group May Meeting. I went through Azure NetApp Files Cross Region Replication, which is currently in Preview.

Thanks to Neil and Kirk for organising the meetup!

My Slides are available below, and a PDF is also available within my GitHub Repo.


Demo Lab Environment

For anyone wishing to deploy the Cross Region Replication Lab that I used in my presentation, these files are available in my GitHub repo. The lab is written in Terraform, and deploys a set of resources across two Azure Regions, allowing you to test Azure NetApp Files and the Cross Region Replication feature. Remember, you’ll need to have your Subscription enabled for Azure NetApp Files and Cross Region Replication for this lab. 

A full set of instructions for deploying the Lab is also available within the repo – any questions about the lab please feel free to reach out!