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GSLB for NetScaler Gateway across Azure Locations

In this post I’ll be going through how I have configured GSLB for NetScaler Gateway in Azure, and the various elements required for this type of configuration. Firstly – I began by setting up the background infrastructure to demonstrate this test. Namely, 2x Active Directory DCs within two Azure Locations (Eastern US (EUS), and South Central US (SCUS)). These were […]

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Quick Post! – Using NetScaler responder policies/actions and backup vServers to notify users of Service Downtime

NetScaler, as I am sure you are aware, is a superbly powerful Application Delivery Controller. One of the most useful features is the use of Responder Policies/Actions, and Backup vServers to indicate that a service is down or to provide access to an alternative service for end users. Let’s say – you have a load balancer configured that balances two […]

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VMware OS Optimization Tool and Windows 10

Overview I’m a big fan of the VMware OS Optimization Tool and its capabilities, not only does it help to optimize VDI Environments through a range of settings and templates, it also helps optimize settings that otherwise would be complicated to control without a scripted or policy based method. I must confess I have been using this tool for some […]

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Citrix Workspace Environment Management – CPU Management

One of the great features in Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) is the ability to intelligently manage CPU usage. This is especially important in a shared desktop scenario – where the actions of one user could ruin the experience for another. To test this I am going to demonstrate a user running SuperPI (a CPU stress testing tool) and how […]

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XenDesktop 7.11 – Zones

Introduction Many XenApp administrators will remember the Zone Preference Failover features available in previous versions. For those unaware, this allows resources to be served from Hosts within a logical group (a Zone), unless a failure/maintenance condition exists, in which case resources are served from a Secondary Zone. Using Zones we can provide applications from a single Zone, with failover to […]

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Using Packer with Azure to create Machine Images

Using a programmatic approach to creating images is a great way to ensure consistency and standardise your approach. By using a tool like Packer, we can do this reliably, and integrate the build process into existing DevOps Pipelines and deployments. At the current time, there are two Packer Azure Builders; azure-arm and azure-chroot – for this post, we will use […]

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